Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting - January 25, 2021


GENFIT is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the discovery and development of innovative therapeutic and diagnostic solutions in metabolic and liver related diseases where there are considerable unmet medical needs, corresponding to a lack of approved treatments.

Stock Information

Extraordinary Shareholder’s Meeting January 25, 2021

The resolutions submitted to the Extraordinary General Meeting are essential and necessary to implement GENFIT's strategy. This involves supporting GENFIT’s development by ensuring the continuation of its two priority programs: a reduction in the amount of outstanding debt and an extension of the maturity date of the OCEANEs to increase the Company’s potential to create long-term value for shareholders and bondholders.

GENFIT requests that all shareholders vote in support of this proposal to ensure that the debt restructuring is a success and enables the Company to implement its new corporate strategy.