Corporate Governance Overview

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is a non statutory body of GENFIT which ensures the operational management of the Company through the activities and responsibilities of its members. This Committee’s mission is to coordinate between the different scientific, strategic, financial and legal activities of the Company. It is chaired by Pascal Prigent, Chairman and CEO.


Board of Directors


The Company is managed by a Board of Directors composed of nine members, six of whom the Board has determined are independent under the Middlenext Corporate Governance Code adopted by the Company. The Board of Directors has four specialized committees: the Audit Committee, Nominations and Compensation Committee, the Alliances Committee, and the Environmental, Social, Governance Committee. These Committees provide specialist input to assist the Board in its decision-making process. Their members are chosen by the Board from among its members, based on their experience.


Scientific Advisory Board


The Scientific Advisory Board assists the Company in its strategic choices in the scientific and technical fields. The Scientific Advisory Board’s main missions are to advise the general management and scientific board of the Company in identifying strategies and selecting drug candidates, based, in particular, on the scientific results obtained by the Company (new targets, new compounds). GENFIT’s Scientific Advisory Board is made up of five members who are internationally-recognized key opinion leaders in the field of of metabolic and inflammatory diseases, with a particular focus on the liver and gastroenterology. The Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by Professor Bart Staels, Co-founder of GENFIT.