Jean-François Mouney

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Co-founder, Member of the Nomination and Compensation Committee, Chairman of the Alliances Committee, Member of the Environmental, Social, Governance Committee

Jean-François Mouney co-founded GENFIT in 1999 after having been actively involved in the incubation of the Company from 1997. Prior to this, he had created, managed and developed several companies specializing in high-performance materials, particularly in the aeronautical industry, since 1979. In 1992, he founded M&M, a consultancy firm specializing in health economics. He was responsible for carrying out a feasibility study for an economic development agency within the field of health and biology in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France and was appointed Chief Executive Officer of this agency since its launch in 1995.

Over a hundred companies have been created as part of this venture, making Eurasanté one of the top European bioincubators and clusters. As Chairman of the Executive Board of GENFIT, he received, in 2003, the Entrepreneur of the Year award, which is organized internationally by Ernst & Young, in the New Technology category. He also received this award in 2004. Jean-François Mouney is also Deputy Chairman of the “Nutrition, Health and Longevity” research hub and is Advisor to the Banque de France since 2008.

Jean-François Mouney is a graduate of the ESCP-Europe Business School, and holds a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Lille.

Jean-François Mouney was GENFIT’s CEO for 20 years. He took on listing the company on the Nasdaq and lead GENFIT’s transformation from an innovative start-up to a biopharmaceutical company.