Dean Hum

Dean Hum ,Ph. D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dean HUM earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal in 1990. An expert in the modulation of transcription factors and nuclear receptors associated with endocrine and cardiometabolic diseases, he held a research position at the University of California in San Francisco before becoming a Professor at Laval University in Quebec.

He joined GENFIT in 2000 as Chief Scientific Officer. Dean Hum is today a key person in the organization of GENFIT. In particular, he is responsible for defining, implementing, employing and coordinating short-, medium- and long-term strategies relating to R&D programs and portfolio.

He coordinates all R&D activities with the CEO and in close collaboration with scientific officers and project managers.

He is also a president and member of the board of directors of our wholly owned subsidiary, GENFIT Corp., and a member of the Management Committee of our wholly owned subsidiary GENFIT Pharmaceuticals SAS.