Sakina Sayah-Jeanne

Sakina Sayah-Jeanne

EVP Research & Translational Science

Sakina Sayah-Jeanne joined GENFIT on April 3rd, 2023 as Executive Vice-President Research & Translational Science, member of the Executive Committee.

Sakina has more 20 years pharmaceutical industry experience, including 7 years at GENFIT.

Sakina obtained her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 1998, specializing in Neuro-Immunology, at the University of Rouen (Role of the complement in central nervous system pathologies with an inflammatory component).

In 1999, Sakina joined Innothera, a French pharmaceutical group, as Project Leader, Pharmacology (Neurogenic pain).

In 2002, Sakina joined GABA Laboratoire, as Scientific Attaché (oral and dental care).

Sakina joined GENFIT in 2003 as a Project Leader, Preclinical. She then became Director of Therapeutic Target Research in 2005 (Cardiometabolic diseases, Alzheimer’s disease).

In 2011, Sakina joined DaVolterra as the Manager of the Preclinical Research, to define and manage the nonclinical strategy for mechanistic and proof-of-concept studies for the product under development (Gut microbiome protection for the prevention of infectious diseases). In 2015, she was appointed Senior Director, Translational and Transversal R&D, where she was in charge of producing decision support for clinical development of the product, addressing questions around dose regimen and safe use for the different indications and populations, developing argumentations and defending Sponsor’s position statements with regulatory authorities (Gut microbiome protection for (i) prevention of infectious diseases, (ii) efficacy of anti-cancer treatments).